HEALING THE GREAT WARS OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES is the card of the day. Where we heal these great wars is where we are willing to heal our needs and not make demands or expectations on our partner.

We are willing to give up competition and winning and choose peace instead. We are willing to give up being right and instead be willing to learn the best way and not our way. We are willing to

join our partner instead of using every event as the chance to separate and be independent. We are willing to heal rather than use our emotions to blame and attack as if these emotions weren’t our responsibility

that we have carried from old relationships that we expect our partner to make up for. We are willing to give up the specialness that our ego craves for its grandiosity or to make up for its smallness.

We choose to use the relationship to discover our wholeness rather than use it for taking or getting the very gifts we were meant to give. Heaven could fly us over these great wars so we reach the mastery

we were meant to achieve together. Have a beautiful and holy day!!

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