HEALING THE GREAT WAR OF MOM AND DAD is the card of the day. Great Wars are polarities in the unconscious mind that raise all kinds conflicts and a major life lesson. Even the most bonded couple has core differences and our parents reflect our deeper mind. The ego uses polarities to keep itself going and it thrives on conflict and the Great Wars are beds of conflict that were typically with us before we were born. We have unconscious belief systems that our parents reflect. The ego uses the Great Wars to distract us from moving forward to mastery consciousness. Ask how many Great Wars of Mom and Dad you have. Imagine these wars  pancaked in front of you and that they separate to either side as you approach. Walk down the center of the battlefield with your angels until you reach about 10 steps beyond the battlefield then the those Great Wars will begin to disappear as the defense they served no longer works to hold you back. That energy all comes back to you in this new place of peace and centeredness. A big part of your past can be let go of and put in perspective. There will be specific incidents to heal but a whole level of obstacles can fall away today. This can lead to gifts and a new energy for your life purpose a major part of which is being happy. Have a fun and fine day!!

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