HEALING THE HELL WORLDS is the card for today…If you are having the worst day, you are most likely dealing with the hell worlds. We live in a death world where there is a collective belief in death as a way out. The hell worlds contain agony, anguish and torture.

When consciousness was higher on the earth plane we did rescue missions there but as consciousness fell we forgot all about the hell worlds but they didn’t forget about us. And we forgot to close the vault door on the way home and there has been a terrible acid reflux. The only way these worlds can be helped is by 1) our ascension in consciousness toward and into Oneness or by 2) following Heaven’s guidance which usually closes the vault door but in rare cases directs and guides rescue missions under Its protection.

You could simply ask Heaven to remove this obstacle between  you and Heaven as it can clear this obstacle out for you unless you are using it to be special and fight off God’s Love because of attachment to this dream. God knows the way to you. Simply ask for the obstacle to be removed.
Have an amazing day!

Chuck Spezzano, Psychology of Vision, Card of the Day, Healing the Hell Worlds
Photo courtesy of Our Beautiful World in Photograph.

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