HEALING THE HELL WORLDS is the card for today. We live in a Death World where there is a collective belief in death symbolic of the ego’s tight grasp on us. There are worse worlds such as the Hell Worlds where people only wish they could die. This is still all part of the ego’s dream, even as the Heavenly Worlds are but they are much closer to Awakening. To help HEAL THE HELL WORLDS takes Heaven’s help. When consciousness was higher we used to do regular missions to help and rescue where we could.. Unless you are aware of these worlds it is better to keep the vault door closed between us and them. With awareness and Heaven’s help we can keep a continuous stream of light and love pouring down there. The opening to the Hell Worlds I have found as the root cause of catastrophic illness and even insanity at times.. Then it’s simply time to cut off connection until your consciousness is higher. Have a Heaven of a day helping the Hell Worlds than close them off if you are not confident about keeping the continuous stream going with Heaven.
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