Today’s card is HEALING THE HELLS.This is a place in the unconscious where we feel terrible torture. We are typically on our knees with pain when it hits the surface. It is a wonderful thing to heal this before it hits the surface and we have to suffer so much though we are suffering that much at the deeper levels. At the deepest and most hidden layers of our mind,our hells are idols-something we worship and think will make us happy. You could see why our ego hides this from us because we would never allow it consciously. So today is a day to celebrate. Give up your Hells . Oneness–LOVE –GOD have no opposite except in the world of dualism( opposites that come from the illusion of separation). God Is-the rest is our dream,projection and stories we’ve been writing. If we let Heaven write the stories our life would be a Heavenly Story until we Awakened.
A great day for the Earth!
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