HEALING THE IDOL OF DEATH is the card for today. To HEAL THE IDOL OF DEATH is to break the contract with the ego that we are a body on the way to death. We no longer worship death or think that we will be happy because of it. We dash it off the altar of what we offer to life and no longer see it as a way out of a difficult situation. The ego always gets us into a situation that is so painful and then suggests death rather than healing  as the way out. In its insanity it thinks that it will somehow outlive us. Idols are usually cached deep in the unconscious. Today ask how many you have. Take them to Heaven’s Trading Post and see what you are given in return. This can help the whole world turn toward life as all of our minds are connected. Have a good one!

Chuck Spezzano, Psychology of Vision, Healing, Hawaii, Spirit, Relationships, Ego, Pain, Unconscious, Life
Photo courtesy of Our Beautiful World & Universe.

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