HEALING THE IDOL OF GLAMOUR is the card for today. An idol is a false god that we think will save us or make us happy. We use it to supplant God and Love and waste our time on what will at best give momentary pleasure but sooner or later leads to disappointment and even shattered dreams. Idols lead to death. Today is a good day to let go of any thought that glamour might make us happy. Don’t be fooled if you seem to be the opposite type of person to someone who would cherish glamour as this frequently is a compensation. It’s all lost energy that would naturally be going to your happiness and joy instead. Idols are typically rooted in the deepest parts of the unconscious but can still be in plain sight. Use your intuition .Ask how many you have and let them go or put them in Heave’s Hands. Do the same with any compensations. And have a fine day, thankful you can discover such deep traps and be free of then so easily!!

Chuck Spezzano, Psychology of Vision, Card of the Day, Healing the Idol of Glamour
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