HEALING THE IDOL OF PAIN is the card for the day. To punish the body for perceived but mistaken guilt is insane yet so many of us do it and think it is our body that does it to us. To believe that pain is helpful is foolish. It is not suffering that brings wisdom. It is the transcendence of suffering that brings wisdom. We have idols inside us. These are unconscious false gods that we think will save us or bring us happiness. They lead to shattered dreams and grave disappointment. All idols fall into the trap of seeking something outside us that can only be found within. If you find it within you can have as much as you want outside you. You are no longer  trying to get or take which works against you. Only the attachments we have lead to pain. Ask how many idols of pain you have and put them on the Altar of Truth and they will melt away freeing you of a painful slavery to your ego. Today is a day to be free and filled with love. Have an amazing day!!

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