HEALING THE INSANE EGO is the card of the day. The ego has turned our world upside down. Not only do we see things upside down in perception but it has convinced us that this world is the only one there is. It has helped us live as if there is no God and that the idols of the world will make us happy and not break our heart. It is the instigator of the belief in sin and guilt to punish us for illusions and mistakes that only need to be corrected. It wants us to go after meaningless goals, become attached to people instead of love them and then it teaches us to attack others before they attack us to instigate conflict all the while it grows fat siphoning off your bank account for its own benefit. Today is a good day to realize what a destructive friend the ego has proved to be. Today you can turn your mind over to the Holy Spirit every time there is a decision or you want to perceive with truth instead of judgment. Have a beautiful day!!

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