HEALING THE JONAH CONSPIRACY is the card for today. The Jonah Conspiracy is the root conspiracy of all the conspiracies. Jonah was that figure in the bible that when God sent him on a mission to tell the city of Nineveh to clean up its act, Jonah took a cruise instead because he figured that nobody would listen to him. But God sent a storm and when the captain realized that it was Jonah's fault he threw Jonah overboard. Jonah was then swallowed by a whale and only when he decided to carry out his mission did the whale spit him up. Jonah then carried out his mission successfully.
The Jonah Conspiracy is one in which we are running from our purpose because we think we are too small to carry it out. This sets up storms in our lives and whales of problems to swallow us. We forget that our purpose is not done by us but through us. Have a great day of healing this root of all conspiracies today.

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