HEALING THE JONAH CONSPIRACY is the card of the day. The Jonah Conspiracy is just like the story of Jonah in the Bible who was given an assignment by God but went on a cruise instead. A huge storm (conflict) came up. Jonah admitted to the Captain it was his fault and the Captain being a practical man immediately threw him overboard. He was then swallowed by a whale (of a problem) and had to decide whether to complete his mission or become the lowest thing on earth-whale shit. He quickly decides for the mission and gets spit up on shore where he delivers the message he was meant to give.

We have a purpose in life and if we don’t do it we invite storms and whales into our life. Today is a day to choose our mission and to heal however many Jonah Conspiracies we have by simply letting them go and letting Heaven complete our mission through us but not by us. Have a celebration today for mission accepted as well as embracing the partnership with Heaven to succeed!!

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