HEALING THE JONAH CONSPIRACY is the card for today. The story of Jonah from the bible is that God gave Jonah a mission and instead he went on a cruise because he felt he couldn’t do it. A big storm comes up because he is avoiding his purpose and when he admits to the captain that the storm is because of him,the captain throws him overboard where he is immediately swallowed by a whale. He then spends three days in the belly of the whale deciding whether to complete his mission or become the lowest thing on earth–whale shit. He decides to complete his calling and gets spit up on shore, delivers the message and the people do listen to him.
The Jonah Conspiracy is the one that all conspiracies are based on. We are using storms in life and a whale of a problem to avoid our purpose. When we realize this is what is occurring we could take full responsibility for whatever is going on in our lives and immediately turn it over to Heaven to be immediately healed. Have a powerful day!
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