HEALING THE LACK OF SEX STORY is the card for today. The lack of sex story is a script we are writing that has a major effect on our lives and keeps us stuck and in scarcity. Somehow we have made a judgment on sex, a favorite trap of the ego. It uses emotions such as guilt, shame, heartbreak, unworthiness, revenge, fear and many others to keep us from this simple, natural aspect of life. The real power of sex is both how sex reflects our life pattern and how it contains the energy of love, joining and miracles if used correctly. Today is a great day to forgive yourself for writing the lack of sex story, a major self-attack story, forgive others you may have used as your scapegoat to not deal with your fear of intimacy and to forgive sex itself for your disappointment and shattered dreams. Today is an excellent day to leap forward in your life. Have a fine day getting your life back!

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