HEALING THE LONER SHADOW FIGURE is the card for today. The loner is one who would rather be on their own then with others. It usually depicts someone who has major issues with both parents. They may show aspects of disenfranchisement and alienation but everyone typically has a touch of the loner because thee ego uses the promise of independence as the key factor in having victim situations and ‘bad guys’. This shadow figure is repressed and many times projected on others so we don’t realized that it like all shadows are buried in a cache of guilt and self-hatred. It is moving in the opposite direction that we are moving consciously and like most shadows has a compensation over top of it that is exactly the opposite of the loner but as a defense allows no reward for the good behavior of a role.
 Ask how many of these loner shadow figures you have, what impact they have been having in your life and what defense you have used to hide them. Melt the defense and shadows into their pure energy and bring this energy together in a new wholeness. It will bring peace andd a new level of wholeness.
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