HEALING THE MARTYR STORY is the card for Tuesday. The martyr is one of the classic family roles that rarely succeeds in helping or saving the family. We don’t realize that the martyr story is a way of avoiding our purpose and generally hiding .

A story means we are scripting the situation that needs help and then sacrificing ourselves . Anything accomplished by sacrifice could have been accomplished without it. It is also a misunderstanding that we think God would need us to martyr ourselves. Any form of sacrifice is both competitive and at the deepest level a form of attack .

HEALING THE MARTYR STORY allows us to regain our power and turn our contributions into true giving without loss to ourselves. It ends a great deal of fusion and co-dependency and heals much of our burnout. It is a most excellent card for the day and an important issue to free ourselves of as it blocks partnership and equality.

Posted By Chuck Spezzano to Chuck Spezzano at 4/26/2010 12:55:00 PM

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