HEALING THE MARTYR STORY is the card for today. The martyr-sacrifice role is one of the main family roles and in any problem for our whole life will contain one of the family roles. The Martyr Story is the belief that we are called to Martyr ourselves to save someone. So, chapter after chapter we script a story in which we sacrifice our time,youth ,health, sexual integrity and even our lives. Unfortunately, this is rarely successful and whatever we accomplished by sacrifice could have been accomplished without it if we’d  only been open to guidance. The Martyr Story has some hidden dynamics that are not so nice, such as competition ,moral superiority, the Ego’s Plan Story, unworthiness, as well as attack and self-attack. It also hides  Independent and Victim Stories. This could not be Heaven’s plan for us. Heaven wants only the best for us so we awaken easily. Heaven would have us do everything through grace. Today is a great day to let go of all the  nasty  Martyr Stories with its accompanying Victim and Rebel Stories and get our life back. We don’t need an excuse to avoid our purpose and destiny when grace could accomplish it all easily for us. Two thousand years ago someone did what was meant to be the last one, so none of us would ever have to do that again.
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