HEALING THE NEEDINESS CONSPIRACY is the card for today. Neediness which is an effect of our breaking bonding for independence emerges with the independence but it also brings sacrifice and fusion. This keeps us fragmented to say the least with three different goals one of which is taking to fill the hunger of lost love as we chose the ego path.
Neediness keeps us stuck locking in independence as compensation . Neediness thwarts happy relationships because it attempts to take from our partner rather than give . It sets up bargains and contracts in relationships rather than love. bringing deadness. Neediness leads to demands and from there to broken hearts ,revenge,hatred and bitterness .Yet, it all began with the desire to do things our way. 
A conspiracy is an ego trap set up to look as if there is no escape but that is not Heaven’s goal or truth for you . Now is the time to realize that under any chronic problem there exists a Neediness Conspiracy and it can all be relinquished to Heaven for a better solution. Today can be a day of liftoff for you. You will know when the truth has arrived because it will bring peace.

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