HEALING THE NEEDY STORY is the card of the day. The Needy Story continues chapter after chapter but never succeeds in being fulfilled. There may be many Needy Stories in us and they are trying to fill an empty place inside until we finally decide to let go of these Stories. We attempt to get or take from another what we think we don’t have in ourselves. We actually do have it but we are looking where it can’t be found. After letting go of these stories that drive people away from us we can free ourselves by finding the gift inside us that is the answer to our needs, receive it from Heaven, or forgive ourselves and the person we are blaming for our Needy Stories. We can ask ourselves what we are using this for, what we are trying to prove and what excuse we think they give us. We can ask ourselves over and over again if this is what we want until there is no more of these stories that keep us trying to get as well as keeps us a victim. Today we are called to let all these stories go so we are not a drag on our relationships And with Heaven be a source of love. Have a brilliant day!!

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