Today’s card is HEALING THE ORPHAN STORY. The ‘ORPHAN ROLE’ also known as `the lost child or the invisible child. sarifices themselves in order to save the family by disappearing, getting themselves sent away to boarding school , taking up no room or having no needs so the family can survive. Someone who has an ORPHAN STORY has been abandoned but at the bottom of it ,they are doing the abandoning . Roles are counterfeit bonding, a form of sacrifice that is competitive and under all the sadness and feelings of inadequacy there is guilt, compensated by moral ascendency.

We have all played the orphan role and today is the day to get rid of all the dark ,sad ORPHAN STORIES and replace them and their excuse to be independent as if it were freedom and not a dissociated role with HAPPY STORIES instead. We have used this Story as a carte blanche  to do as we pleased especially to be indulgent, emotionally or otherwise. Today is a good day for healing!

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