HEALING THE POWER CONSPIRACY is the card for today. The Power Conspiracy denotes a misuse of power. All power is of God. The Power Conspiracy occurs through domination or withdrawal. Both come from fear and attack of others and oneself. Real power empowers others and seeks equality to increase success for all. A conspiracy is a trap set up by the ego so that it appears as if there is no way out. Conspiracies are foolproof not God-proof. HEALING THE POWER CONSPIRACY sets us back on the right path of balance. it allows us to be as big as a situation needs to succeed. It removes both the inflation and deflation  that occurred as the result of a trauma. Now there is discernment rather than the destructive aspects of judgment and it also inspires us to step up. Have a great day and let Heaven’s Power which is  available to you in any situation be yours. It contains all the confidence you would ever need. Have a powerful day. Heaven is behind you.
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