HEALING THE REAL CRUCIFIXION OF GOD’S SON (ACIM) is the card of the day. The real crucifixion of God’s Son is what we do to the Christ within us . It is what we do to ourselves out of guilt and self-hate. We make our life hard when iut could be graceful. I could be God’s Will Who only wants love for His children. Today with the help of the angels let bus take ourselves off the cross. Let bus go back to every time we crucified ourselves and take ourselves off the cross and have Christ blow the sacred breath of life into us. And from all those times at all those different ages let us be carried to our present age and have these selves be melted back to us in wholeness. Let us be restored to ourselves along with the gift we turned away from those times where we crucified ourselves and the Christ. Have the best day full of grace as God wills it!!

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