HEALING THE REVENGE STORY is the card for today. The Revenge Story typically always goes together with a Heartbreak Story and A Victim Story. It is a banner day to be able to clear up all of these at the same time. Revenge Stories come in two forms . One we directly attack someone or some group . The other way is we get ourselves victimized as a way of attacking another. Naturally we bury this dynamic deeply in our mind and just allow ourselves to be aware of how wounded we are and what someone did to us or didn’t do for us. But it was a story we were scripting all along. A Revenge Story is a terribly painful one to write both for us and those around us. Any significant failure or wounding on our part reflects it. We don’t realize that we are attacking because we were wounded when we tried to take or get something from another and it was we who came to give to them. It’s time to ask how many of these stories you have and let them all go .They were an investment in your ego but not in your life.
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