HEALING THE SHADOW FIGURE OF THE THIEF is the card for today. This is a common self-concept that we have at both subconscious(family level) and unconscious( soul level). Common results of this shadow is that we get ourselves stolen from or keep ourselves in scarcity in some way. We punish ourselves and it feeds our self-hatred as does any shadow . Besides personal experiences of stealing which come from feelings of deprivation,there is also our Oedipal Conspiracy in which we feel we stole one parent’s love from the other ,measured to the extent there were problems between our parents or we were closer to one of our parents than the other parent was. We may even have created problems with that parent to prove we didn’t steal them. At the unconscious level we believe we stole God’s gifts besides whatever other beliefs there are from ancestral and soul levels. Today is a great day to take however many of these shadow figures you might intuit that you have to Heaven’s Trading Post to exchange these hidden illusions for great gifts or as an alternative you might integrate them with all of the defenses that hide them as well as with the gifts they hide.
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