HEALING THE SHARK SHADOW is the card for today. It reflects that part of us that will take advantage of any situation to feed the greed inside.  It may be reflected in people outside us or in our own behavior or it may be so deeply repressed as not to show at all at this point. However it shows or doesn’t show itself it reflects a place of self-torture within.
 Melt all your shark shadows into one big shark and step up to it ; it is not solid but a hologram. Step into it; it hides a gateway to a lost part of your mind. Once you step into the shadow, go through the gateway. What do find there?
In the rare case it’s a dark place just ask your higher mind to bring the light to it. Then invite anyone to this place who seems to need your help.
Ask yourself  what % of your mind you just regained.
 Have a sweet and healing day!
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