HEALING THE SPY (SHADOW) is the card of the day. Any shadow contains the judgment and self-hatred we used to split off  that self-concept and make it “not-us.” We then pretend that the shadow wasn’t a part of us though it does keep directing patterns in our life. The spy is a place where we are keeping files on everyone. We feel displaced and not living in our own country but feel like we are living for a greater “good”. This later turns out to be for the ego so that many times the spy and the fool shadows are tied together. So, when our ego convinces us to do an aggressive act or one of withdrawal it is trying to teach us that someone has to lose and sacrifice. And it is always better that some else be the one else to lose according though any loss or sacrifice on our part comes out of our own guilt. Today you can simply throw however many spy  and fool shadows on the Altar of Truth because truth, integration and wholeness go along with ease, freedom and partnership. Evolution is greater unity and it begins with the peace and integrity in our mind. Have a spectacular day!!

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