HEALING THE TEMPTRESS SHADOW is the card for today. It heals what we have split off and projected outside us from our feminine side. It is a place of self-judgment and self-hatred and we try to blame others for these self-concepts that we think are sinful. Now is the time to forgive and release ourselves and anyone we have projected on. We could not really change how we were created. We could only dream we did. in this way our self-concepts and the ego we form with them are a bit arrogant. We are still as innocent as we were created. Innocence Itself created us as innocent. We are still and will only ever be a child of God. The rest we made up for some mistaken reason. Today is a good day to be innocent and wrest back our lives from the guilt the ego gluts itself on and builds itself with. Have a happy day!

Chuck Spezzano, Lency Spezzano, Psychology of Vision, POV, Healing, Hawaii, Spirit, Aloha, Family, Child of God, Innocence, Ego, Happy, Self-Hatred, Release, Forgive

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