HEALING THE TORTURER SHADOW FIGURE is the card for today. The torturer locked inside and most of the time repressed can do a lot of damage.. Most people would rather die than keep on being tortured which is the ego’s plan. The ego’s strategy was to split this part of ourselves but it was already after it had us do whatever we had done and then judge ourselves as a torturer,than split it off and repress it building a great deal of stress and agony inside. Today is the day to release all of these shadows. Ask how many shadows of the torturer you have…Than ask yourself if this is what impact they have had on your life,health,relationships,etc. Than ask what it is that you want. If you don’t want them than let them go or take them to Heaven’s Trading Post and wait for your gift in return. There’s a very good deal on torturer’s today 🙂 .
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