HEALING THE VICIOUS CIRCLE OF ROLES is the card for today. There are two major vicious circles like this one is independence-victim-martyr and the other is the families roles of hero-sacrificer-bad guy-charmer-orphan. If you have anyone of these roles you have the rest of the vicious circle and they reinforce each other and even rebuild the missing one if it is healed. A vicious circle is a descending spiral that gets ever more negative. Today is a great day to become aware of your roles,which is doing the right thing for the wrong reason, seeing what other roles are tied up with them and letting them all go.They are not the truth and the only power they have over you are what you give them. In role you never give yourself and only do something because you are supposed to. Roles block receiving and lead to burn out. letting go of these roles and doing what you choose to do brings receiving back.. Today is a good day for partnership and freedom.
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