Today’s card is HEALING THE WAR STORY. Today is a good day to heal the conflicts that arrest our lives. THE WAR STORY is written at unconscious levels of the mind by us and this only  adds to our fear script ,which paralyzes us and keeps us in scarcity. Having a WAR STORY means we are always witnessing fights, if we are not already in the center of them ourselves.With a War Story there is usually a good deal of parental fighting or conflicts with siblings, and also with love or business partners or co-workers.
Why would we write such a life story for ourselves? The ego gets fat during war . Once it has enlisted us , it uses us to build itself . If you want to head toward life , you must head toward peace .The rest is heading toward illusion and death .So forgiveness which starts with forgiving ourselves is the way to peace because everyone else we haven’t forgiven reflects a place within us that we haven’t forgiven ourselves and are thus punishing ourselves .

If we are not at a place of peace there is still more to forgive. Today we could ask ourselves how many WAR STORIES we have and do ourselves a big favor by letting them all go . May peace bring all the love and abundance that you deserve, which is certainly more than you are letting yourself have.

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