HEALING TOO MANY GOALS is the card for today. We have too many goals when we feel we aren’t enough. Than we try to do too much to make up for it. We push ourselves to try to be a success but this is seldom successful as we are unable to receive. The alternative to this is not giving up as some people do because they know they can’t get it perfect but to bond once more where we broke away for independence.
On the surface level the key is to let go of untrue goals or ones that no longer fit our lives and to complete the goals left hanging by re-committing to them. If we re-bond we give up fantasy and illusion for the real thing and we give up the thought of the good thing for real connection and enjoyment. Today is a great day for taking the pruning shears and cutting away what is no longer true for us in our lives so we can truly succeed in career and in relationship.
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