HEALING UNFAITHFULNESS is the card of the day. Unfaithfulness shows where we are caught in vicious circles of indulgence and sacrifice.It shows where we are not focused and committed to our goal or partnership.. This is lost opportunity to further our relationship or our goal. We lose time in which we could have furthered our goal or built our relationship. Unfaithfulness includes what we do with our minds. Fantasy  can be unfaithfulness as nothing comes of it. Under the guise of meeting a need, fantasy increases it placing unrealistic possibilities on a relationship or situation. To have the strength of mind to choose for truth every time is to move forward much more quickly. When we are unfaithful to another we are unfaithful to ourselves. When we are unfaithful to truth; we are unfaithful to God and our purpose. Today the Tao is there to help choose truth at every moment and build our relationship and our life. Ask for the grace to become truer and more wholehearted. Have a day of roots and wings by building your relationship to the truth and to God!!

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