HEALING VERBAL ABUSE is the card of the day. When anxiety and stress run high, anger and verbal abuse may be what people use to hide what is really going on. All players might lose in such a situation but the ego wins and separation grows. The ego will defend itself with attack back or withdrawal which are both forms of anger. The ego wants to  control, to be right and to win. It wants you to demand your way.When you attack or belittle others you do so to yourself also. Attack comes from weakness and attacking back misses the opportunity for healing and answering the call for help. The attacker got emotionally arrested at a certain age and if you can send love to that part continually it will grow up and bringing a new level of confidence and wholeness with the attacker. Ask the help of your own higher mind because if you attack back it just hides your fear of the next step. Have a fine and healing day!!

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