HEALING WHAT AND WHOM WE FIND HATEFUL is the card of the day. Hatefulness breeds self-hate and this lines us up for attacking ourselves. What we find hateful can only come from buried self-concepts that we find hateful in ourselves. It’s all projection where we try to throw what we don’t like about ourselves out on others and the world. Where we see what is hateful in others as their call for help is to open our hearts and our compassion which is helpful to everyone. Hate separates bringing conflict outside us and inside us. Hatred comes from our heartbreaks but our heartbreaks come from hidden choice and our authority conflict. We were trying to get others to do it our way and meet our needs.Today grace is helping us to find where we have denied our own hatefulness so we can relinquish it and the self-crucifixion it breeds. Have a most wonderful day of revelation and freedom!!
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