HEALING WHERE WE ARE GETTING FROM ANOTHER is the card of the day. Getting from another is the stratagem of the ego which doesn’t want to give or receive for fear of losing the walls of identity it has built. These walls cut us off from intimacy, success and receiving. This serves the ego but not the truth nor does it serve happiness. To get from another lowers our self-value and weakens us which the ego wants so it can persuade us to rely only on it. Getting from others lowers our attractiveness in others’ eyes as well as our own leading others to avoid our greed. Getting and taking lead to rejection and heartbreak. Today the grace present helps us to see what a dead end getting from others is. It feeds the the ego but doesn’t serve us in any way. We can simply give it to Heaven to be released as untrue and have a carefree day. May you have a happy lighthearted day!!
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