HEALING WHERE WE ARE UNEDUCATED is the card of the day. This  is a day to to heal our blind spots because where we are uneducated is where mistakes begin to accumulate. Every painful place in our lives reflects an uneducated place in regard to our emotions, our mind, relationships, how to save or make a relationship better, what is the emotional root of our illnesses, how to be a better lover, how to easily get through a fight, etc. To know ourselves and our purpose is some of the highest learning. To know ourselves is to love ourselves and to go beyond the illusions and the attack and self-attack that is the foundation of the ego. Where we aren’t educated we live by illusions. Our ignorance can come across to others as evil but it is just where we are uneducated.  Today let us ask those around us, learn from experts as well as  our higher mind. Let us do the research we are called to do to fill in the gaps that are missing as these gaps begin to multiply like a many car pile up on the freeway.  By the way any place you are righteous hides ignorance and is also a cover for failure and guilt. Have an amazing day of learning!!

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