HEALING WHERE WE CAST OUT HEAVEN AND GAVE IT THE ATTRIBUTES OF HELL is the card for today. This may have been this life or a past life or even before we had bodies as we continued the falls from Oneness.

We turned away from the light, refused Heaven’s gift and willfully fell once more attacking God in our belief we could separate from Him and what His Will established. Today we can turn back to the light and receive the gift that was offered.

We can atone by letting go of an illusion that never was but one we have lived by and adhered to. The light has come. God is always offering His gifts. Let us be thankful we weren’t forgotten and could not destroy Oneness and leave

the Mind of God as we thought we could. Rejoice! we were lost and now we are found. We realize that what God created could never be changed and His Will and our true will are one. Have a transcendent day!!

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