HEALING WHERE WE HAVE AN OPENING TO THE ASTRAL is the card of the day. This is a powerful day where  we can be made aware of and heal the ancient ego which is from before the time of bodies. Our ancient ego influences us to be stuck because when we evolve some of the ego always melts away as the illusion it is. This is what we judged and split off, repressed and projected. It is the part of us that turned away from the light, fell yet again had shattered dreams and another dark night of the soul. Today some of this is available to be healed with Heaven’s help which knows our separation is illusion. Today let us let Heaven win back what is available of our mind to be restored, have our aura cleaned and sealed from the fractures within. New light is available to us today and when we turn on the light the darkness of the ancient ego disappears. Today the light has come to dispel the darkness and free us. Have a light-filled day!!

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