HEALING WHERE WE HAVE BEEN BARGAINING is the card for the day. Bargaining is a form of limitation and compromise which is a form of sacrifice where both people secretly feel they have lost. Bargaining is a form of specialness that actually is a form of attack to others and your relationship to them, yourself and God. You limit your value and another’s value with bargaining. Many people on the point of death attempt to bargain with God who didn’t create either bargaining or death so they don’t exist except as illusions. God as the Principle of life gives all to all. It is only we who limit ourselves to an ego and a body. God wants us to receive the thousand of gifts He send to us daily. What would He not give to us who are His precious Children. Today let us dispense with bargaining and choose Heaven’s way of giving it all and receiving it all. Have a most fine day!!

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