HEALING WHERE WE HAVE BEEN CAUGHT IN BELIEFS is the card of the day. Beliefs are the lenses we look through to see the world. They define the world for us. They are the self-concepts that make our ego. They cover over the identity that God made for us in creation. The self-concepts we made were made through separation and pain which is why as we get closer to others we either rebond or the pain comes out. Our beliefs even positive ones are islands over the Ocean of Love and Oneness. We think we need our ego but if it were gone there would only be love in its place. Beliefs imprison and limit us. They affect the choices we make and are the source of a lot of our programming where things seem to just happen to us. If you recognize you have certain beliefs you can choose to let them go and be free of them. Alternately you can put them in Heaven’s Hands so they no longer separate you from from Love. Have a day of freedom and love!!

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