HEALING WHERE YOU SEE THE WORLD AS DAMNED BECAUSE ALL YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU DID TO HURT IT (ACIM) is the card for today. What you see is what you are doing though it may hide under lots of compensation  and cosmetics. We see what we choose to see. We only judge what we judge in ourselves. We see only the projections of our own self-concepts. We have come to forgive the world because we made it. To forgive the world is to forgive ourselves and bring relief and release to both. God doesn’t create anything less than perfect. The world was made in our image and as we blamed others we saw the world as damned. Time to ask for the truth so we see where others failed us we were the one to actually who failed them because we could have helped. There’s was a call for help and we used it to separate and build an ego identity. Grace will help to set things straight and allow us to see everyone’s innocence. Have a fine day!!

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