I SEE WHAT I WANT AND I SEEK AND I EXPECT WHAT I INVITE (ACIM) is the card for today. This is a law of perception I found in the subconscious and written of in A COURSE IN MIRACLES. Our beliefs and our guilt and blame lead to scenes of crucifixion. Love and forgiveness on the other hand lead to peace and happiness. If you pretend what you see and experience is what you want then possible answers as to why you could have possibly wanted a certain scene or experience can pop into your mind intuitively especially as you trust what pops in and only think about it later. This gives you responsibility instead of blame, guilt or grievance which lead to attack and self-attack. Today  take responsibility so you can learn to forgive easily and learn that mistaken choices and miscreations can be willed away through your choice alighning with Heaven’s for truth and miracles. This gives you your power back and it is a step in you living your purpose and embracing your destiny bringing happiness and fulfillment to yourself and others. Everyone is responsible and no one is guilty; it is not true but only what the ego uses to build itself at the cost of your happiness. Invite truth and the grace of Heaven’s Love and miracles. Have a happy  and powerful day!!

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