IT IS ONLY YOU THAT DEMANDS SACRIFICE OF YOURSELF is the card of the day. Most people don’t realize what a trap sacrifice is. It is always a vicious circle with dissociated independence and the victim within. It is losing to win. It is acting special and spiritually superior. It is doing without giving yourself. It is attack by withdrawal. It is dealing everyone a good hand but not dealing yourself in the game. It is a compensation for guilt that keeps the guilt. Anything accomplished by sacrifice could have been done without it. It builds the ego but does not build the bonding that leads to success in every area. It promotes deadness in life and relationships and builds feelings of unworthiness. Today invite the truth into your mind. Invite God’s justice into your life. He doesn’t want any of his children to suffer or experience lack in any way. Have a day of equality and mutuality that promotes intimacy and success!!

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