LEADERSHIP is the card for today. It is the art of responsiveness in answering the calls for help. A leader is a person of vision who is irresistible with integrity. A leader has a fine balance in taking care of his or her  team and getting the goal accomplished. A leader looks for the best way forward and by responding to the goal and supporting the team wins the support of the team. A devoted leader has devoted followers. Leadership is full of gifts,flow and inspiration. It is actually quite enjoyable. Those who carry leadership on their shoulders are caught in the independence of roles that are full of hard work and lead to burnout all in order to feed the ego with how difficult it is(please use the camera during my against-all-odds-climb up the mountain) and to prove we are good people and hard working at that. this is not LEADERSHIP but that area of development just before that is the last stage of independence. his area is a major trap that the ego uses to stop us from partnership and LEADERSHIP. Have a responsive happy day!
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