Today’s card is MASTERY. It reflects a level of peace that gives rise to a golden life. On an everyday level it typically means ones who has dedicated themselves enough that they have mastered something like relationships,art,cooking, music,work,etc. Their Mastery of this lends itself to a general success in life.

On a spiritual level it refers to someone who has given up seeking in the world, someone who has begun to realize that they are not their ego and don’t need anything in the world.They begin to recognize themselves as spirit and light,deserving all good things and having whatever is needed to help those around them. They live a life directed by grace and realized by grace so that their life is effortless,abundant in any way important to them and happy.They are more and more centered giving up the valuelessness,attack and self-attack of the ego.

Today is a day to revel in the goldenness of a master who knows they are well loved and has Friends in High Places.

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