MEANING is the card for today. This suggests real Meaning ,not the ego's meaning which
sees meaning in what it can get and was meant to cover the meaninglessness in the world.
The ego's meaning leads to pain and disappointment because if there was love or success the
ego would lose some of itself in the bonding as it is the principle of separation. Meaning comes
from all that bonds, such as love, healing and sharing.
The meaninglessness of the world as put forth by Sartre, Buddhism, A Course in Miracles, enlightened people
and my own experience is also why many of the world religions speak of being in the world but not of the world.
The world is the illusion as purported by mystics and many of the cutting edge quantum physicists and we make
it what it is.true MEANING comes from Heaven and leads us out of Plato's cave to the real world and the light.

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