I had one of the best Chinese meals that I have ever had in Taiwan last night. I have been coming here since 1990 so that is saying a lot. It was on the 85TH floor of Building 101, the tallest building in Taiwan. We could see for miles and later far to the south we witnessed a fireworks’ display. Some of my Psychology of Vision Trainers took me and my promoter in Taiwan out to this restaurant, which was owned by one of our POV students. What a fine evening… I’m usually so busy I don’t often get to socialize with my trainers but we both laughed a lot and caught up on each other’s lives. My first night here I also went out with and old friend and student, Ed Lee, that I have also done Business Trainings for in their family Business. We went to Lawry’s that night. it was a very sweet night. I don’t usually go out on my first night in Taiwan because it’s the middle of the night in Hawaii and rest is always good after long flights, a short sleep night and a first day of training but the chance to see Ed was just too attractive. He’s so busy himself as an executive in the company and three children below the age of 6 and one still 8 months old. He isn’t getting much sleep so it was rally smart of him to have the company driver bring him up from Taichung and bring him home again. i reminded him of my old saying that I was going to sleep between lives…

Last night one of our trainers who is a Buddhist nun and her trainer partner who also works with that community told us of a Healing for the Earth Day the monks and nuns were holding in October for 2012. It was an inspiring idea. I know some of my Fist Nations friends have told me about similar healing rituals being conducted all around the earth by First Nations peoples to make December 2012 an easy birth to a new level of partnership on the earth rather a catastrophic one. I recognized since the early eighties that one of the main reasons I was born during this period was tho help make it an easy birth for the earth at this particular time. As I joke during workshops, “The doctor is in. And I have small hands.”

The workshop has been smooth and deep and easy with a combination of many new students and many old students. I love workshops and getting the chance to be on the creative, healing edge. Well time for me to leave for the 4th and final day here.

Much Love to all of you out there…

Chuck Spezzano, Psychology of Vision, POV, Hawaii, Healing, Spirit
Chuck and friends in Taiwan.

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