NURTURING is the card of the day. This a day that could lead to a new level of fulfillment. When we feel we didn’t get enough love or NURTURING it’s pattern that could stay locked in in self-defeating ways until we realize that we had the gift of NURTURING all the time and our parents didn’t have that gift or opportunity. God does not want us to be deprived in any way so if a gift  isn’t around us than we have come to bring the gift. It is usually hidden under our expectations and sense of privilege but this keeps us weak and feeling deprived which we then try to get from a latter partner to meet all these needs. Our complaining can go on for years until we realize we have the gift and we have been stingy. This is easily healed. You could take it to God’s Trading Post and turn in how it has been for how it was meant to be. Have a fulfilling day!!

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