ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE NOT GIVEN CAN BE LACKING IN ANY SITUATION (ACIM) is the card of the day. This is the answer to all scarcity and one that I find has healed the needs we have that say,” I need to get something outside me “which leads to unrequitedness or pain sooner or later. Where there is anything missing we are the one with the gift that could fill the lack. We hide this from ourselves or feel entitled for others to give it to us but if they aren’t they typically don’t have it. But Heaven’s plan is that you not  be deprived at all. When you were created you were created like God and were given all His power and gifts and even now they would be given again if you asked. Open your gift and ask Heaven to supersize it and share it with everyone. In this way you can revisit all incidents of pain and scarcity and reverse the situation with your gifts. In this way you can bring healing to yourself and many others in the past and preasent. Have an abundant day!!

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