PEACE is the card for today.. Peace bespeaks centeredness, which means we are within ourselves and not seeking outside ourselves and thus not able to be upset. Our ego chases things outside us never letting on that it is its counsel that broke the bonding that led to the need. So we learned to seek outside us identifying with the ego and the body and thus moving away from PEACE. PEACE is movement inward to higher and deeper centers that are evermore peaceful and also have more ability to receive. The ego doesn’t tell us that the need it generates through breaking bonding to be independent makes it so much harder for us to receive, find love or be more successful.
PEACE creates love,abundance and happiness. It produces the quiet mind in which we can hear Heaven’s Voice. PEACE is the gateway to eternity-our real Home. The more peaceful we are the more we experience Heaven on earth. Make peace your one goal today as it contains all the others.
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