PURPOSE is the card for the day. The extent you feel fulfilled is the extent you are living your purpose. The key element is to be happy and if you are not to heal yourself. Then there is something you have been assigned and that you have accepted. This is your sacred promise. Finally your purpose is to save the world. there must be a way to accomplish all of that if you promised it. The fear of purpose and destiny is so great it is a part of every major problem and trauma. The ego tells you “You have such a big purpose that you can’t possibly do it.”

This is correct but deceptive. Heaven does your purpose through you. What it takes is your strong desire and willingness. The rest occurs through grace. Have an amazing day!

Chuck Spezzano, Psychology of Vision, POV, Healing, Hawaii, Spirit, White Tiger, Happy, Sacred Promise, Purpose, Save the World, Destiny, Trauma, Ego, Heaven, Desire, Willingness, Grace
Photo courtesy of Our World’s View.

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